Are you thinking about purchasing Google pixel 2? We are here to help you with its top attribute so that you can use it to your benefit. It is important to understand the important features of a device so that you can be using it in the most convincing way and getting the best out of it. Google pixel 2 has already been highly acclaimed in all sectors because of its classy appearance and excellent specifications. Talking about its attributes are the five top attributes that separate this phone from others take a look:

New Design

The first and the most unique attribute of a Google pixel 2 is that it is but new and refreshing when it comes to design. The sleek unibody aluminium construction certainly separates the respective device from any other at the present. It looks classy and cool at the same time with the display taking a lot more space than the phone’s body. So if you are looking for something fascinating in terms of design then, Google pixel 2 is certainly the choice for you.

Always On Display

Another fascinating aspect related to Google pixel 2 is its always on display. With the help of this attribute you will always be updated about the recent notifications from a time and various other important details. This is also quite new and you will certainly relish this aspect while having this device.

Google Lens

With this device Google comes up with an answer to smart camera attributes introduced by other brands. You can point your camera towards a unique Landmark or numbers and it will act accordingly. So it’s an excellent feature to have that will make your photo session a lot more interesting.

Google Assistant

When it comes to Google pixel 2 it comes with a deeper integration with Google Assistant and there is no other device who provides this attribute. So it will give you a completely new world of virtual assistant solutions that will make your experience a lot more exciting.

Pure Android

The biggest attribute you get with the Google pixel 2 is in the form of pure Android. With the help of this device you will be able to experience the best of Google Android updates in the future and features related to it.

So, these are the best attributes that you will be getting from the Google pixel 2. If you are having any kind of issues with this device then you can always reach out to Mobile Repair Shop and have your device fixed without any kind of difficulty. We have the best in-house team to take the responsibility and help you with services like Google pixel 2 XL screen repair services, Google pixel 2 XL battery replacement services, and more.

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